eduligo Social

Commits to the social community and provides educational programs and fun activities to orphans and youth with special needs in an aim to build future leaders. eduligo Social welcomes the volunteers w...

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eduligo Innovation

Provides indoor and outdoor activities to the youth that can allow them to innovate and express their creativity like art and crafts, photography, adventures, robotics, cookery, Lego, etc..Provides in...

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eduligo Learn

Provides learning courses that are specialized in business management, Information Technology, and business languages adequate for teenagers and youth. The primary objective is to enable the teenagers...

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eduligo Global

Provides international travel programs in the United Kingdom and France through weekly boarding courses that focus on English and French languages, business management, international relations, comput...

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Latest News

London Camp

Travelling abroad is your daydream? Attending Educational sessions abroad? Having so much fun & Making new friends? If yes, so you have to CATCH THE CHANCE of traveling to the united kingdom with eduligo For more info. please contact us on 01224595479 or 01028966551 or 01068116566 &...

Spring Camp

Adding fun to learning creates the best educational experience possible Join eduligos' Spring camp, Starting on the 1st of April,2018 For more info. feel free to contact us  01224595479 - 01028966551 - 01068116566


The activities done by eduligo were very useful & unique for the children, and it was the first time for 57357 kids hospital to try such great activities
We look forward to making another workshop with eduligo

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