eduligo was established in January 2017 as a specialized company in youth education programs as well as an Information Technology (IT) company that develops and sells software applications for the education sector.

eduligo has a focus on the youth generation to build future leaders that have a competitive advantage in the market, and the capabilities to work in multinational firms and large organizations.

eduligo has a various line of businesses as follows:

  • eduligo Innovation: Provides indoor and outdoor activities to the youth that can allow them to innovate and express their creativity like arts & crafts, photography, adventures, robotics, cookery, Lego, etc..
  • eduligo Learn: Provides learning courses specialized in business management, Information Technology, and business languages adequate for teenagers and youth. The primary objective is to enable the teenagers and youth in the early stages with Today's market requirements.
  • eduligo Social: Commits to the social community and provides educational programs and fun activities to orphans and youth with special needs in an aim to build future leaders. eduligo Social welcomes the volunteers who can draw the smile on the face of our kids.
  • eduligo Global: Provides international travel programs in the United Kingdom and France through weekly boarding courses that focus on English and French languages, business management, international relations, computer programming and outdoor activities associated with fun. The programs are accredited by the British Council and delivered in partnership with Summer Boarding Courses ( and PGL (
  • eduligo School Connect: Is a social online educational platform that connects students, parents, teachers and school management. It can be used by kindergarten, primary and secondary schools. Accessible anywhere and anytime from PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones and based on cloud computing technology.